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Happy New Year! 2020 was difficult and full of a lot of change in all aspects of our lives.

With the new year we get new resources for O Scalers! The O Scale Network is in its phase I, and ready for public view! This network has undergone many changes, and has turned into a wonderful peer-reviewed project that will be ongoing in the O Scale community for years to come! Bellow are links and descriptions of the websites in the O Scale Network.

O Scale Central ( is the hub for a collection of websites called “The O Scale Network.” Each site listed below is designed to promote OS2R online. This network is free to view; there are no hidden costs to the user.

O Scale Kings ( is the NMRA Special Interest Group (SIG) that promotes O Scale 2-Rail (OS2R) model trains. The O Scale Kings (OSK) is the only scale-wide organization that represents all OS2R modeling interests. OSK funds the O Scale Network, among many other initiatives, to improve and promote OS2R. The OSK website contains resources for the OS2R modeler. It is the administrative and organizational site for the O Scale Central™. It is the home for the O Scale Hall of Fame. If you like modeling in O Scale, or wish to support the work of the OSK, please consider joining the OSK.

O Scale Info™ ( is the most comprehensive listing of information on OS2R on the internet! It includes articles on getting started, and listing of O Scale events, a guide to the secondary market and the OS2R Product Guide™ to name a few. The information on this website is constantly updated and peer-reviewed by active modelers in the community. If you are interested in starting in O Scale 2-Rail or are curious about what it is, this is a great starting point! Experienced modelers will feel right at home on this site as well, with the extensive listing of products and service providers.

O Scale Forum ( is the premier O Scale 2-Rail forum. It is the only online forum dedicated to OS2R exclusively. It serves as a communal hub for OS2R modelers and O Scale Kings members. If you need a question answered about OS2R, this is the place for you.

O Scale National Convention ( is the yearly convention for OS2R modelers, vendors and clinicians. The 2021 Convention will be held in Denver, CO. Current information is up on the website. All rails lead to Denver in 2021, and so will all O Scalers! Visit the website to learn more.

I would like to take this opportunity to give thank-you’s. Thanks to those in the community who helped peer-review the beta versions of the articles on the website. As the community changes, the program and website are set up to adapt and take your input. Please keep it up! Thank you to the O Scale Kings for your support in the project. Without the adoption of the program by Bruce Blackwood and the Board of Directors, there is no way this project could have happened. Finally, we need to give the biggest thanks in the world to Dan Dawdy. Without him, these websites would still be only an ambitious idea on this Blog. He made it possible to make those ideas work.

This network of websites is one phase of the plan to energize and improve O Scale 2-Rail. We will continue to work to keep this network updated and filled with the information the community needs. We are only as good as the information we can find. Everyone has something valuable to contribute. Please Contact Us with any questions, comments or concerns regarding O Scale Central.

One thought on “Info is Here

  1. This is a great site! Will be joining soon. My name is Jim Schneider from Milwaukee Wi. Been in 2 rail about 5 years. Sold all my 3 rail and never looked back. Love building steam era rolling stock. Love super detailing and and bringing life back to old Walthers kits. New house new basement with a layout in planning so now I mostly build. Trying to figure out how to mix my love of the Milwaukee Road and Norfolk & Western together. Meet a lot of great modelers thru Dan Dawdys site. Also a couple great modelers around my area. Couldn’t open up any of the areas of your blog? Will stay tuned.


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