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Above: “A Shop Drop.” Staten Island Rapid Transit Class D camelback 29, drops a car of supplies at the Edgewater Engine House. It is built in brass, highly modifying a Locomotive Workshop “Economy 0-6-0” kit with many scratch made parts and tender. Camelback engineers often sat on the cab window sill, rather than the seat. Ed Bommer.

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Blog Rules

The discussion needs to be open, but it needs to take place without distractions or impropriety. There are some basic rules which David Vaughn as blog administrator will enforce. All participants in the blog need to provide David with your names and emails. Participants who do not do so will be edited out. All comments on the blog must be signed with at least your first name and email address. Nothing prohibits commenters from communicating off list, although David would hope that on-topic discussion will take place so we can all benefit.

David will not provide the participant list to anyone for commercial purposes and will not authorize anyone else to do so. David requires a commitment from each blogger that you will not do so either. But because no system is foolproof, every participant must assume that anyone may see what your write, so conduct yourself in a mature and responsible fashion.

Do not include in your comments any private information about yourself or other people. Off-topic comments will be edited or removed from the blog at my discretion. Civility is required; personal attacks and name-calling are prohibited. Postings more explicit than PG are not allowed. And as tempting as it might be, no political comments. Folks who, after having been cautioned and edited, fail to follow the rules will be blocked from the blog. We have a job to do and need to avoid internal frictions and distractions.

Bloggers can start from the initial set of topics and questions. David thanks Andy Romano for that list, on which he has built. The topics and questions are not exclusive. Blog participants may provide comments and questions with respect to listed topics and may propose new topics and questions.

The purpose of the blog is to develop a multi-part written plan to to help Two-Rail O Scale survive and improve. The discussion comments will be reviewed, consolidated, edited and incorporated into a draft plan, which will then be posted to the blog and subject to review and proposed amendments. There will be gaps in the plan, which we can fill in, and errors, which we can correct. We may then set up an organization and astructure, schedule and assignments to convert the plan to action.

Expect no miracle cure; it took a long time for the Scale to get here and it will take time to turn it around. We will never get all the way there, but we need to start bending the Two-Rail O Scale curve back toward positive. We will work to ensure that the plan which comes out the other end of this process to spell out how that happens and what every stakeholder can do to make it happen.

Once the plan is put together, it will need to be publicized so that everybody knows what they can do and has access to help and support for their efforts. The plan and surrounding discussion may also be edited and published in one or more of the magazines. There may be other places where posting the plan will be helpful; we can work on that as it develops. David hopes that the plan will improve and evolve over time as we get feedback and as circumstances change, but the perfect is the enemy of the good. We need to get started.

David expects that an initial discussion sufficient to allow us to start drafting can be complete within 30-45 days from kickoff. That said, it will be better if it is right than that it is quick, so if additional time is required, we will take it. But it will be important to convert talk into action. Swimming around in the problem and looking back to the Scale’s fall from glory has limited utility.

The plan will not be perfect, and it will not solve all of the problems. If such an effort was easy, there are some smart people in the hobby and they would have fixed the problems a long time ago. But we need to start Two-Rail O Scale on a way up. Thanks for joining in that effort.